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grandfather and childThere are a number of reasons why you may need a Guardianship to be put in place. For example, if an elderly person becomes incapacitated and is no longer able to manage or take care of their own property, or is no longer able to take care of themselves, a Guardianship is necessary.

Another example of when a Guardianship becomes necessary is if a minor child loses both of their parents; that child needs to be formally placed with an adult who will then be legally responsible for the care, maintenance, and support of that minor child.

In Florida, Guardianships require the use of an attorney, and we at the Law Office of David Hurvitz PA take pride in helping our clients through the legal process of obtaining a Guardianship.

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Establishing Guardianship in Florida

guardianship attorneyGuardianships are initiated by filing, among other documents, a Petition to determine incapacity and to appoint a guardian. After the initial filing, there are hearings which both the attorney and the potential guardian must attend. An inventory of the Ward’s (i.e.: the individual who needs a Guardian appointed for them) assets will need to be supplied to the Court on at least an annual basis, as well as a plan for how the Ward will be taken care of. There are also times where a special needs trust must be created by family members of the Ward in order to help care for the Ward.

If you or someone you know has a need for a Guardianship to be established, especially if that person is a minor child, a disabled adult, or an incapacitated adult, please feel free to contact the Law Office of David Hurvitz PA. At the Law Office of David Hurvitz PA, we take pride in helping our clients obtain the relief they are seeking, and we are extremely flexible in working with our clients to help ensure their needs are met.

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Dover Guardianship Lawyer logo 2 300x49David Hurvitz is a highly trained and skilled attorney located in Dover, FL. Mr. Hurvitz has worked in a variety of legal areas here in Hillsborough County, Tampa Bay, as well as other jurisdictions in the State of Florida. His experiences have given him a varied and well-rounded background in many aspects of Dover, FL Law. The firm has represented clients throughout the state of Florida. We are based in Dover, but we will travel to you if it is more convenient for you. At the Law Office of David Hurvitz PA, we are committed to obtaining the best results for all of our clients.

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