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Thanks David, you're the BEST!

Met David through a networking group and he was able to assist me with some ongoing issues with my ex-wife. I am totally impressed with the manner he conducts business and the level of accessibility he has been to me while dealing with on going issues. I would highly recommend David to anyone to have on your side through any domestic disputes. I've spent thousands on 4 attorneys over the past 12 years with ongoing child support & ex-wife issues. My only regret is that I didn't know David 12 years ago. Could have saved me a lot of headache. Thanks David, you're the BEST!

- Josh Greene

Handled everything in a timely matter and was extremely professional

The first time I spoke to David it was when I realized there was hope in my case about my child’s custody, I was upset, crying and at a lost. He spoke to me in a matter that took away all my fears and put all my trust in what he told me, which for me is hard to trust people when it comes to my children. When we meet he handled everything to the point of it being resolved 90% and within less than a month or two we were at 100%. He even helped me with a continuous case and he never once kept me in the dark. He communicated with me all the time to the point you would think we are best friends. I even referred him to other friends and family because due to how he handled everything in a timely matter and was extremely professional. I never thought I would have found someone that could help me and take away my stress as quickly as David help me in my situation. David is so good in what he does that he really does not need me to write a review but I decided to do it because he was amazing in helping me.

- Michelle Diaz

I highly recommend him for anyone seeking legal services in Florida

I began using David Hurvitz shortly after he entered practice. I have continued using him for the past 6-7 years. He responds very quickly to issues and I am very satisfied with his attention to my issues. I highly recommend him for anyone seeking legal services in Florida.

- David Phillips

David is outstanding

David is outstanding. I don't know what we would've done without him. Because of his expertise and knowledge my son was able to gain rightful custody of his two-year-old daughter from the maternal "Great-grandparents". Without David my son would've lost his parental rights for "No" reason at all if the opposing parties had had their way. David is very personable as well as very accessible, he cares. My son is a wonderful loving Father who deeply loves and cares immensely for his daughter. Due to David he is now able to be a hands on Father who can now truly raise his daughter while allowing and encourging her to have a loving on-going relationship with her maternal Great-grandparents and family. I would and will highly recommend David to anyone who is in need of Legal guidance and services. In a court of Law you need someone who knows the legal system to stand up for your rights. That is exacly what David did for my son and my Granddaughter. Thank you so very much David for going above and beyond to set things right!

- Carol Wood

Very pleased with the service

David was able to help me get a signed Marriage Settlement Agreement in just ONE mediation session. I was very pleased with the service and was glad he handled my Divorce.

- Todd Maddex



- Great Rooms

I highly recommend David for any of your family law needs

David helped me modify child support, as well as, child visitation. He was well prepared and organized inside and outside of the court room. He kept the judge laughing and on our side plus kept me calm in such an anxious situation. I highly recommend David for any of your family law needs. He always has your children's best interest in mind. Thank you so much David!

- Kelly Jenkins

He walked us through the entire process patiently

Mr. Hurvitz finalized our adoption in 2013. It was a great experience. He made us feel as if we were his only client. He was always available to answer our questions, via cell or email. He thoroughly explained the entire process to us so that we would know what to expect. He walked us through the entire process patiently. We would definitely recommend Mr Hurvitz to our friends and family.

- Janice Ferguson

I highly recommend him

David is a very knowledgeable, professional, thorough, attorney. He guided me through the divorce process, answering all of my questions. He is easy to get in touch with and always returns phone calls. I highly recommend him.

- Lisa

The best I have ever worked with.

David is a consummate professional. He provides truly exceptional, one-on-one service and also helps ensure his clients stay within their budgetary means. David is one of the best I have ever worked with. If you need legal counsel in the Tampa Bay or surrounding areas, look no further.

- Justin Russell

I praise God to have had you as a Lawyer.

I describe David in one word; AWESOME!! I praise God to have had you as a Lawyer.

- Sara Salinas

Made My Child Custody Case Painless

David Hurvitz made my child custody case so painless to handle. He was available all the time to answer all of my questions, and had so much patience with the time I took. Seriously can't thank him enough for making it easy enough that we didn't even have to see the judge after the initial hearing. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney.

- Aja

Very patient, answered all my questions

Mr. Hurvitz was great! He took time to listen to me. He was very patient. He answered all of my questions. No question was ridiculous. He communicated with me in person, email and via text message. He remained in constant contact with me and kept me informed throughout the process. Thanks to him, I went into the process with a full understanding of each step. This was a difficult process but I am happy that Mr. Hurvitz was there to advise me. I would utilize his services again. I would definitely recommend Mr. Hurvitz.

- Dawneva

Stays on Top of Things

Very pleased with David's work! No nonsense , straight forward , stays on top of things, great communicator.

- Oksana Hevesy


I have referred David to many of my clients and they rave about his responsiveness, professionalism and value that he provides them. I will continue to refer his services to my clients, friends and family!

- Karyn

Amazing & Attentive

David represents me in my dicorce and child custody. He got me split custody and increased time with my child despite past lawyers gaining no ground. David was quick, knowledgeable and attended to my inquiries. Including nights and it didn't matter my question. He answered it and was honest and kept me informed about everything. Having come into my case after one lawyer and accomplished what he did says a lot about his commitment to his clients. Thank you so much David!

- Will

David Hurvitz Has Been My Primary Attorney for 6 Years

David has handled many issues for me personally and more for my company. From lawsuits we have filed to simple letters, he has always been right on top of my issues. He is knowledgeable and if it is not something he feels comfortable with he refers me to someone that specializes in that field. I fully trust David Hurvitz.

- David


I can't say enough about how pleased I am to have had David Hurvitz represent me. His wonderful service started with his initial consultation. First of all, he was always willing to drive out to where I was for our meetings. He actually listened to me, and then explained what the process would be like very thoroughly. He wrote out a time line so I could know and understand what to expect during the length of the case. His pricing was extremely reasonable. He also reassured me from day one that we would have a positive outcome... and we did.I have, and will continue to recommend David Hurvitz as an attorney. He is very knowledgeable about the law, the court processes, and paperwork. He always communicated everything in a timely manner with lots of attention to detail. He was present and on time for every court date, and always did his best to help me feel safe and comfortable (my case also involved domestic violence, so he would request separate rooms for mediation, and that I would be allowed to leave court earlier in order to avoid being followed, etc). He is familiar with the courts of the area, as well as the judges. He definitely knows his stuff.He knew and understood that the most important part of this case was my children and their safety, and his representation ensured this. I am so thankful to have had David work on my case. My children are happy and safe; there is peace in my life and my home. On behalf of myself and my family, thank you David. If I ever need a lawyer again, I would not hesitate to retain David. I highly recommend him.

- Josie


Most people use a lawyer to review a real estate contract or prepare a will, but over their lifetimes rarely need a lawyer for trial. I used 4 different lawyers when handling my divorce, alimony termination case, and appeal. The difference between the other attorneys and David really shocked me.Documents- With David, what a pleasure it is to have every document emailed to me before he submits it. He always makes sure that I understand the doc, understands our goals, understands the legal process, and asks if I have input to change the doc.Communications- What a delight it is to simply text or email David, get a response, or if the issue requires more discussion, David simply responds with his schedule, so that he could call at a later time to chat furtherBilling- What a surprise it was to have his billing reflect his “true” efforts to support me!Emotional Support- Because of David’s human nature, it was very nice to have him there to handle my anguish when the system did not work for me.Finally, I can’t say enough on David’s values. His parents created a monument. Additionally, his intellect, recall on the law, and research capabilities are fabulous. I was proud to have found a critical thinker that truly cared about me, my case, and the results that we wanted to achieve.

- Chuck

David came highly recommended to us by a 30 year friend

David has been our attorney for 3 years fighting our homeowners association's discrimination against a family member with a disability. I highly recommend David and have recommended him on several occasions. He is an attentive attorney and he kept us well informed along the way.

- Cynthia

Great and caring!

I was referred to David, i was searching for a lawyer for my case for timesharing and child support for my son. All the lawyers i talked to barely gave me their interest and wouldnt even listen to my complete story. But David actually met me for lunch and sat down and talked me through the whole process. He made me feel very comfortable and at ease especially since this was the first time ive dealt with this. He was very reasonable and helped me through everything. David was very knowledgable in the case. He didnt miss a date or a deadline. Everything was on time and he took care of everything. It was like a stroll in the park we won everything and i got everything i wanted and more. David is great and i definitely would recommend anybody to try him.

- Wilson

Review of legal services re: David Hurvitz

David Hurvitz explained every step in the divorce process in a friendly and easy to understand manner.Final results were spot-on to his anticipated final judgement. While that won't always be the case, it's calming to work with an attorney who has a such a firm understanding of my case and how it relates to case law. He can use his experience to anticipate oall of our future challenges, and have them addressed appropriately.And last but not least, David Hurvitz and his staff kept me informed of where I stood in regard to service fees, and anticipated future charges, at all times. No Surprises! I could not have asked for more. Thanks again David

- Albert

an attorney I trust

I asked David to represent me in a child visitation& support hearing. David kept me in the loop throughout the entire process& was always prepared. He prepped me well for questions the opposing council would ask& always had my back while I was on the stand. He made this scary situation in my life easier for me.I was able to focus on what truly mattered, my kids, while he took care of the legal entanglements. I'm so glad I made the decision to hire David. I have and will continue to recommend him, as well as, hire him again if ever needed.

- Kelly

Approachable, Knowledgeable. Excellent Attorney

David is an excellent attorney. He is very approachable in regards to any fears or questions about legal proceedings. As well as being very knowledgeable in the area of family law.

- Erhan

He made the process easy

My wife and I hired David to create our Testamentary Will, Living Will and Power of Attorney. He made the process easy and his knowledge and compassion for a topic that most people don't want to deal with is a hard to find quality.We both talk about David whenever the opportunity arises and I would recommend him and his services to anyone I come into contact with.

- Marc D'Elia

Do not regret working with david.

David always kept his cool and let me know that everything would be ok thought out what started as a messy divorce. Even when I lost my cool he stayed professional and handled everything is he could. Do not regret working with david.

- Maurice Harden

Let's see, where should I begin....

First of all, it's taken me a bit to FINALLY put in words the wonderful experience that was rendered to me by my attorney, David Hurvitz.As we all know, there's NEVER a second chance for a FIRST impression and Attny. David Hurvitz nailed it!As my attorney, he helped me feel at ease throughout the entire process of my divorce. It wasn't easy making that final decision & all the emotions of a roller coaster ride that comes with it, but I must say, his patience is a virtue & his caring ways as well as his attention to detail...impeccable! Thank you once again David for not only making me feel like I was NOT just a case, but for treating me as a friend. As far as I'm concerned, you'll always have a friend here & I know I will always have a lawyer that's got my back! Hasta la vista...:)Best wishes always,

- Marilyn Geigel

I would highly recommend David Hurvitz.

I would highly recommend David Hurvitz to anyone that needs help in family law issues. He is genuinely compassionate about anyone needing help in these matters. That's saying a lot considering legal situations like this are so extremely important.

- Gina Nelson


DAVID HURVITZ - MY SAVIOR AFTER 7 YEARS & $100,000+ IN COURTIn trying to terminate LIFETIME ALIMONY beginning in 2009:- I hired a private eye to prove that my former wife was lying on the stand. The first judge, stated that the private eye was highly credible, yet "understood how the former wife could perjure herself." And, I thought perjury was illegal in the State of Florida - but this ​was ​my first revelation that judges do not use law to make decisions - they can personally adjudicate whatever they want.- ​The judge also stated that even though I passed the litmus test for the laws on the books, he was not going to terminate my lifetime alimony. Since then, I found out that the termination of lifetime alimony never occurs in Florida, so that the Florida Bar can keep their lawyer members in court billing clients like me, forever.- The second judge, had to deal with the appeal that I won on a portion of ​my ​final judgment. But, ​she ​ignored the​ ​direction ​of the District Court of Appeals ​and started a new case​,​ which resulted in the former wife getting 100% of my pension (yes, this is legal in Florida). Worse, ​this judge ​was not in the least concerned that she showed bias towards men.Now that you get the drift, I won't even mention the third judge's antics​.​In retrospect, after engaging 3 attorneys more interested in billing me than winning, I am very thankful for David Hurvitz's passion, integrity, advice, and strategic implementation.I now have an agreement whereby the former wife can never come after me in court again, and I have been able to take back a piece of my pension, forever.

- Chuck Pisciotta

I highly recommend him.

David was the best. My divorce went easy and he answered all my quesions and advised me all through it. I highly recommend him.

- Nancy Sperling

Thanks David!

I have known David both personally and now, professionally for nearly 7 plus years. He is the consummate professional, who pays attention to details and follows through to the end. I highly recommend David for both men and women going through a divorce or child custody litigation. Thanks David!

- Chris Beavers

He was very efficient, up front with his action and fast.

It was a pleasure working with Mr Hurvitz. He was very efficient, up front with his action and fast. I will recommend him to others.

- Tenisha Watson



- Felicia Pavon

Made my child custody case so painless to handle.

David Hurvitz made my child custody case so painless to handle. He was available all the time to answer all of my questions, and had so much patience with the time I took. Seriously can't thank him enough for making it easy enough that we didn't even have to see the judge after the initial hearing. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney.

- Aja Moore

I couldn't have asked for a better legal representation.

My legal matter was handled in a best possible way. Mr. Hurvitz has efficiently & professionally answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns. He was always accessible via email or phone whenever the need occurred. I couldn't have asked for a better legal representation. He was well prepared, and all of the paperwork was filed in a timely manner.

- Tatiana Trubceac

An amazing lawyer and person.

An amazing lawyer and person. Not only was my process easy, he was there ever step of the way. When I need it advice he was there on an email, text or a call. If you need a lawyer that will not back down and makes sure is the best for your case, then please call David. Hands down best lawyer around. Thank you David for all you have done for me and my daughter.

- AB Fernandez

The best attorney I've ever dealt with.

David Hurvitz is the best attorney I've ever dealt with. He made things extremely easy and comfortable in regards to the whole process. He got me 100% custody and everything else we submitted in the final proposal. If you want a fast, professional lawyer, who knows his way around the court room and will work for your best interest and your children's then Mr. Hurvitz is the attorney you want.

- Andrew Pitti

David has been the best.

David has been the best corresponding attorney I've dealt with. He's advised me wisely on all aspects of my LLC in Florida.I appreciate having someone I'm able to entrust all the way from California!

- Jennifer Reeder

He really helped me with all of my family law issues.

David was great.He really helped me with all of my family law issues.He was very on top of things and always quickly responded.I highly recommend!!

- Giana Miller

David was amazing with my case.

David was amazing with my case. He was super responsive with my calls and emails, very detailed and worked quickly. He was able to take a my complicated case and make it as smooth as possible. I am so appreciative of the work he did and because of his hard work i will be able to be a part of my daughters life!! Thank you again David!!!

- Jose Medina

I am very grateful for all he did in handling my case.

I would definitely recommend David as an attorney. He was responsive, attentive, and made a stressful, unpleasant situation as painless as possible. He was prepared and all filings were completed timely. I am very grateful for all he did in handling my case.

- Yves Brown

I highly recommend him if you are in need of an attorney.

David was great to work with through my divorce. He was available when needed and kept my up to date through this entire process. He was able to ease my anxiety and facilitated a great outcome. I highly recommend him if you are in need of an attorney.

- Kristina Nappi

Very helpful, supportive and professional.

David was very helpful, supportive and professional while helping us deal with a sensitive family matter. I would recommend him to anyone needing assistance in this area.

- Maya Pennington

He is empathetic and has a real talent.

David is a great family law attorney. He is empathetic and has a real talent for handling difficult child custody issues. I recommend hiring David for all your family law needs.

- Ben Stechschulte

He’s definitely a go-getter and aims to win the case.

He was always professional, very well prepared and communicated quickly when things needed to be done. He’s definitely a go-getter and aims to win the case.

- Renee Almond

I am forever grateful to them.

David Hurvitz is my champion. He is extremely knowledgeable and he worked above and beyond to help me. Mr. Hurvitz is fair, empathetic and kind and I could not have had any better representation. Mr. Hurvitz, along with his assistant Roxana, worked tirelessly to help me and I am forever grateful to them.

- Nancy Tapper

David was excellent at defending men in a divorce.

David is a very hands on team player available seemingly anytime. David was excellent at defending men in a divorce and I would highly recommend him. He also did well in trial.

- Joe Payne

I would and have recommended Mr. Hurvitz without hesitation.

Many thanks to Mr. David Hurvitz in the handling of my divorce. His professionalism and compassion made the process relatively painless during a very painful time in my life. Due to David's knowledge and dedication, I was able to get a fair and equitable settlement, which you don't hear of that often from fathers of divorce. In a perfect world, I would hope no one would need a divorce attorney but if anyone in my circle of family and friends were ever in need of one, I would and have recommended Mr. Hurvitz without hesitation.

- Chris Keene