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child custody attorney in TampaWhen dealing with divorce or other family conflict, it can be an uncertain and stressful time. This is doubly true for the innocent bystanders of family turmoil- children. They will have many questions about what their life is going to be like after the divorce, questions that you may not be prepared to answer.

At the Law Office of David Hurvitz, we want to help you develop a plan for how both parents will continue to have a strong and loving bond with their child or children, even if the parents determine that they can no longer do that as a married couple. Our experienced Apollo Beach Child Custody Lawyers can help you to develop a plan that will include items such as time-sharing, support, and parental responsibility.

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Understanding Florida Child Custody Laws

child custody attorney in TampaIn the state of Florida, child custody is legally broken down into two separate components. Parental Responsibility defines the decision making rights regarding education, healthcare, and other major life decisions.

Typically, it is ideal that these decisions would be agreed upon by both parents. While equal authority regarding decision making is best, there are situations in which one parent is given the deciding vote in this type of decision.

Whether or not this would apply to you would be best determined by speaking with a qualified Apollo Beach, FL child custody lawyer, like David Hurvitz.

Time Sharing & Physical Custody

time sharing and child custody Tampa, FLThe second component is Time Sharing. Time sharing defines how much time each parent physically has with the child or children. There is no usual or normal for time-sharing. It is determined on a case-by-case basis, and typically reflects the schedule of the parents.

The amount of time spent with each parent may also have impacts on Parental Responsibility and support. For example, if one parent has “full custody” of the child, then it would be likely that they would have more responsibility in decision making for the child, as well as receive a higher level of support payment.

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Apollo Beach Child Custody Lawyer logo 2 300x49We believe that planning for your future can greatly reduce your stress during this challenging time. The same is true for your children. But understanding what will happen to them, and what their future will look like, will better equip them to handle the situation.

We are ready to meet with you to discuss your options for child custody.

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